Voluntary exile achievement guide

15th Nov, 2022

Voluntary exile achievement guide

There are many achievements and improvements in Minecraft that players can work towards. There are many achievements in Bedrock Edition. To unlock an achievement, players can do a variety of things. Advancements are the name given to Java Edition advancements. There are currently less than 60 Java Edition advancements, and more than 120 Bedrock Edition achievements.

There are many hidden advancements players will not know about until they unlock them. It doesn't matter how many times players check their profile for advancements, it will not show up. One of them is the “Voluntary Exile”.

Here's how Java Edition users can unlock it.

Because of its rewards, there is a Minecraft activity that many players enjoy. Raids can be a great way for players to earn emeralds and loot. They also lower the cost of trades. To obtain a raid, players must kill a Pillager captain, which is how you unlock Voluntary Exile.

Voluntary Exile is described in-game as:

It is not more difficult to kill a raid captain than any other Pillager. Finding one is the hardest part. Sometimes players are lucky enough to have a small group of pillagers around them, led and controlled by a captain.

The Illager banner at the head of the captain signifies that it is the captain. The banner will not be worn by any other Pillagers. The captain will drop the banner and a crossbow upon being killed. This will grant Minecraft players Bad Omen. It triggers raids in villages and lasts 100 minutes.

Players will need to search for a Pillager Outpost if they don't see one. They are quite rare, though they can be found in the desert. The Pillager captains will eventually appear at the top, and players have the option to kill them and get the advancement or Bad Omen.