Minecraft replay mod Guide

27th Nov, 2022

Minecraft replay mod Guide

Minecraft is a popular place to modded. Mods can make Minecraft more fun by adding mobs, weapons, and items to the game, or changing its mechanics.

Mods are generally used to improve or add new features to Minecraft. However, some mods allow players to customize their Minecraft experience by documenting and customizing it. One such mod is the replay mod. This article will cover everything players need to know about Minecraft's replay mod.

The replay mod is an editing tool for Minecraft. The replay mod allows players to record and edit their Minecraft experiences. You can also add fun and interesting features to your clips like panning, zooming, letterboxes, and so on. There are many settings that can be used to control every aspect of a clip, from resolution to bitrate, including all the settings. The camera can be moved around by players to record and view from any angle.

Replay works just like other editing software. After a clip is edited, it must be rendered so that the player can use it in videos, montages or as a standalone clip for uploading to YouTube.

Basic usage

Players are presented with two bars at their screens when they open the replay mod. The one at the top controls the speed and the one below controls the timeline. You can move the video forward and back, select small clips from the video, set keyframes and add effects such as zooming in and rotating.

Tip: To aid in rendering, it is recommended that the editor's/player's view be reduced. Players using shaders should disable them when editing with the replay mode.


This mod allows players to set up customized keybinds for various features and effects. The default keybind to rotate the screen is “L”. Therefore, pressing L will rotate the screen. You can do the same with any other effect in the game.


After the player has edited their clip, they have the option to add shaders. Shaders enhance the visual appeal of the game. Shaders can be added to create beautiful clips if the PC is capable of handling it. Shaders are available in the Video settings' “Shaders” menu.


After editing and applying the shader, the clip can be rendered. This screen allows players to modify and customize the various settings for their clip. After a brief preview, click the “Render” button to start the rendering process. The rendered clip will then be saved in the folder “Replay videos”.

Replay mod is an extremely useful tool for Minecraft. It allows players to relive, modify, edit and share their most treasured Minecraft memories. It's easy to use and navigate.