How to make Potions in Minecraft

20th Dec, 2022

How to make Potions in Minecraft

Potions are useful for Minecraft Survival Mode. A brew can be brewed to increase your speed, melee attacks, or allow you to breathe underwater. This guide will show you how to make potions in Minecraft, even ones you can throw at your enemies.

Get your materials

Five of the materials you will need are located in the Nether. You will need to create a portal, enter and defeat monsters, as well as find a Nether Fortress.

Remember that each block traveled in Nether equals eight blocks in the Overworld. You might want to leave markers such as torches that will lead you back to your portal. It would be a good idea to switch to “Peaceful” mode, at least until your return home.

Step 1: Create a portal to reach the Netherworld.

Step 2: Go to the Netherworld to find a Nether Fortress.

Step 3: Gather the nether ingredients

Blaze Rods are – Dropped in Nether Fortresses by Blazes that are used for crafting Blaze Powder.

Step 4: Return to Overworld to continue to gather ingredients

Dragon's Breath is dropped by an Ender Dragon. Glistering Melon is made using one (1) Melon, eight (8) gold Nuggets.Golden Carrots – Made using one (1) Carrot and eight (8) Gold Nuggets.Phantom Membranes are dropped by Phantoms.

Step 5: Gather Overworld potion modifiers

Fermented Spider Eye – Made from one (1) Spider Eye, one (11) Brown Mushroom, one (1) Sugar, and one (1) Spider Eye. Also found in chests.

Make a Brewing Stand

This contraption is required to make a potion.

Step 2: Place one (1) cobblestone in each of the three bottom corners of the crafting grid.

Step 3: Place one (1) Blaze Rod into the middle of the square.

Step 4: Drag your Brewing Stand into your Hotbar.

Step 5: Choose the Brewing Stand and do the following:

Make a Cauldron (optional).

Water is essential – why not create a little pool near your Brewing Stand?

Step 2: Add seven (7) Iron Ingots (in a “U”) formation to the crafting grid: Three in each column, one in each column's bottom square and three in each column.

Step 3: Move the Cauldron into your Hotbar.

Step 4: Choose the Cauldron, and do the following:

PC – Right-click the destination. Console – Target the destination, and press the Left Trigger Button. Mobile – Tap the destination.

Fill and craft glass bottles

Your brewed liquids need to be contained.

Step 2: Place one (1) glass block in each of the first and third squares on the crafting grid's middle rows.

Step 3: Place one (1) Glass Block on the bottom row of the crafting grid.

Step 4: Next, bring the three (3) glass bottles that you have retrieved into your Hotbar.

Step 5: Get a glass bottle and do the following next.

PC – Right-click the water. Console – Target the water. Mobile – Tap on the water.

Craft Blaze Powder

Fuel is essential for your Brewing Stand!

Step 2: Insert a Blaze Rod in any crafting grid square.

Step 3: Drag the resulting Blaze powder (two total) into your inventory.

Make a wacky potion

First, you must brew an “foundation”, also known as an Awkward Pottion. It's similar to carbonated water in your favorite coke: Without it, you have a glass full of syrup.

Step 2: Place one (1) full glass bottle in each of the three lower squares marked with a “bottle icon”.

Step 3: Place one (1) nether Wart in the top square.

This converts all three Water Bottles to Awkward Potions. To make these Awkward Potions usable, you will need to add ingredients. You can then add modifiers to make the effects more powerful and lasting.

Types of Potions

Now comes the awkward puzzle of creating usable potions with the Awkward Potions in hand.

Although the list is lengthy, we have broken them down into three different categories: Negative, Mixed, and Positive. All potions begin with the Awkward Potion that you have just created. We list the main ingredients and their overall effects for each type of potion. We also list any modifiers that can be used to increase or decrease its potency.

You can make a Potion of Fire Resistance, for example, by mixing an Awkward Potion and Magma Creme in your Brewing Stand. You can then place the Potion of Fire Resistance in the Brewing Stand again and add Redstone Dust to extend its duration from three to eight minutes.

Positive effects

Potion (effect and duration). – Ingredients

Fire Resistance (3.00)

Swiftness (+20% speed for 3:00). – Awkward Potion and SugarSwiftness I (40% movement rate for 1:30). – Swiftness Potion and Glowstone DustSwiftness+ (+20% speed for 8:00). – Swiftness Potion and Redstone DustWater Breathing (3:30) – Awkward Potion and PufferfishWater Breathing+ (8:00). – Water Breathing Potion. Redstone Dust

These potions should not be thrown away. There are exceptions, such as the Splash Potion of Healing. In these cases, a throwable can be useful. It's simply the Potion of Healing mixed with a Splash Water Bottle. This can be used to throw at friends who are in poor health.

We give instructions on how to make throwables later.

Negative effects

Ingredients – Potion (effect and duration).

Harming (Damages six point) Healing or Poison Potion Fermented Spider EyeHarming III (Damages 12 points) – Harming Potion Glowstone DustPoison (1 health point every 2.5 seconds for 04:45) Poison Potion Glowstone DustPoison+ (-15% speed at 0;20) Slowness Potion Glowstone DustSlowness+ (-60% for 0) Slowness Potion Redstone DustWeakness+ (Reduced by four for 4:1) –Reduced to four for Redstone Dust, Redstone Dust

These potions can be made drinkable with the Awkward potion Base, but many of them are better as throwables. We will show you how to make mixed effects potions.

Mixed effects

Ingredients – Potion (effect and duration).

Turtle Master (Slowness IV, Resistance III for 0.20) – Awkward Potion. Turtle ShellTurtle Master II for 0.40. Turtle Master Potion. Glowstone DustTurtle Master+ for 0.20. Turtle Master Potion. Redstone Dust.

Make a splash potion

You are clearly out to hurt your enemies so you need to have a poisonous concoction ready to launch at any type of attackers. We prefer slowness over poison. Some potions are not bad. Many of them have curative and fortifying properties. However, you should keep those potions to yourself and not for your enemies.

Step 2: Add one (1) regular potion to each of the three bottom squares. In this case, we will use poisonous potions.

Step 3: Add one (1) gunpowder to the top square.

Step 4: Place one (1) Blaze powder in the square marked with a “fire icon” in the upper-left corner.

Step 5: Drag the new splash potion down into your inventory.

Make a lingering splash potion

This potion will leave a lasting impression on its victims, even after the splash is finished. It is ideal for battling constant enemy attacks.

Step 1: Open the Brewing Stand

Step 2: Place one (1) Splash Potion into each of the three bottom squares. In this example, the Splash Potion of Poison is used.