How can I improve a raspberry pi minecraft server?

28th Dec, 2022

How can I improve a raspberry pi minecraft server?

So I'm interested in building a minecraft server using raspberry pis. I only have 3 people that join my current server and wanted to migrate from a hosting site to a dedicated server of my own.

My first thought was to just use a raspberry pi 4 8gb to make it. However I have read that there are still performance bottlenecks and lag even with the pi4 8gb.

I was wondering if instead of just one pi could I run multiple 2gb or 4gb pi4s in a cluster for more CPU power. I am unsure if that would help improve performance or not though, I don't know much about pi clusters.

So would a pi4 cluster improve the performance of a minecraft server or does the clock speed of the cpu have more to do with the minecraft server performance and not the core count?

I could be very wrong since I don't know much about clusters, but doesn't making a cluster only add to more cores so it just multitasks better or could more cores really improve a minecraft server's performance?